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field focus: microplastics


Plastic Rain in Protected Areas of the United States

"Urban centers and resuspension from soils or water are principal sources for wet-deposited plastics."

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Constraining the atmospheric limb of the plastic cycle

"Most continents were net importers of plastics from the marine environment, underscoring the cumulative role of legacy pollution in the atmospheric burden of plastic."

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Multivariate receptor modeling with widely dispersed Lichens as bioindicators of air quality

Heiner, M., Grimm, T., Smith, H., Leavitt, S.D., Christensen, W.F., Carling, G.T., St. Clair, L.L.. 2022. Environmetrics. e2785

Uranium Isotopic Composition and Constraints on the Provenance of the Qinghai‐Tibet Plateau's Surface Dust

Jiao X, Dong Z, Parteli EJ, Brahney J, Wei T, Augusto M, Nie J, Ren J, Qin X. 2022. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface. 127(3), e2021JF006480. e2021JF006480

Uranium isotopes of aeolian dust deposited in northern Tibetan Plateau glaciers: Implications for tracing aeolian dust provenance

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Pedogenic clay formation from allochthonous parent materials in a periglacial alpine critical zone

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Holocene Records of Eolian Dust Deposition from High-Elevation Lakes in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA

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Micah J. Marcy, Gregory T. Carling, Alyssa N. Thompson, Barry R. Bickmore, Stephen T. Nelson, Kevin A. Rey, Diego P. Fernandez, Matthew Heiner, Bradley R. Adams. 2024. Applied Geochemistry. 162