A source-to-sink investigation of the dust system in the southwestern US as a component of the critical zone.

Announcing the DUST^ 2 Workshop, April 2022!

The DUST^ 2 Critical Zone Thematic Cluster invites applications to participate in a 3-day workshop at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, April 21-24, 2022. The workshop will feature an overview of the DUST^ 2 initiative, presentations by DUST^ 2-affiliated researchers, field trips to study sites around the Great Salt Lake and in the Wasatch Mountains, and structured brainstorming sessions intended to facilitate the development of new research collaborations. Limited funding is available to support travel costs of workshop attendees. All workshop participants are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Early career researchers and those interested in joining the exciting world of critical zone science are particularly encouraged to apply using this simple questionnaire . For questions, please contact Jeff Munroe at jmunroe@middlebury.edu.


Team member Jeff Munroe is maintaining a network of passive dust collectors


Team member Kevin Perry deploying a Portable In-Situ Wind Erosion Lab


Thorn Merrill checking the hardness of soil crust with a penetrometer


Team member McKenzie Skiles operating a hyperspectral scanner


About the Dust^2 Cluster

The emission, transport, and deposition of mineral dust plays a key role in functioning of the critical zone. This is especially true in mountain environments where dust deposition has been shown to alter the pH and chemistry of surface water, contribute to soil formation, deliver important plant available nutrients, and decrease the albedo of snow, causing earlier snowpack melt.

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